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Undermining the brand

I was doing a little bit of user testing on a website for a very large multi-national quite a few weeks ago, just to inform a pitch, and one of the headlines for my findings was that the current site undermines the brand. More recently I was watching someone else present those findings to a […]

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Is internet access a utility?

I have been staying with The Voice for the last few weeks. His broadband connection hasn’t been working for the last 2 weeks. The inadequacies of Tiscali and Sky Broadband notwithstanding – between them they seem to think that a 4 week interruption to service is acceptable – is it only me who sees internet […]

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A little more voip

I signed up for a free iSip trial. It seems to be helping me get round the fact that my direct line simply refuses to be fixed! Yay!

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jaxtr! huh?

Doing what I do people often send me links to things and invitations to ‘try stuff out’. In this instance my ‘industry insider’ Dr Beton (to his friends) invited me to sign up to jaxtr. I am sorry to say jaxtr – I don’t really get it. I signed up. I sent out a couple […]

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Nice Brand, nice experience

The Voice of BBC Long Melford sent me a link to the Howies site. Check it out. It is one of those brands that is all connected up and is lovely and fluffy and you sort of want to buy from them even if you aren’t into ‘sk8r’ gear. Like Innocent smoothies with their ‘Banana […]

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