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Technophobic seniors: include them or boot them out?

Was just sent this link to an article about a phone designed for baby boomers. I read the article and the intention seems very noble – designing a phone for technophobes (and possibly the infirm?) – the whole experience of using the phone seems to have been considered with full support from an online interface […]

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Online eco-warriors

My friend Claire has Flickr set illustrating the effect sand dredging is having on the Gower Coast. We are a funny bunch us humans, the way we just consume without thinking. As I have said before: reduce, reuse, recycle!

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At some point or another those who blog and those who read blogs end up having some sort of dialogue (internal or external) about blogging. The Voice’s workplace has recently launched a blog. (Though, as it allows no comment, I would argue that it is more of an archive of articles.) And, as a clever […]

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