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Living beauty

Reading Roger Scruton’s essay in The Times made me think. I like that. The title of the article is ‘What has art got to do with beauty?’ – in a time of Turner prizes – a very interesting question I am sure you will agree. The article raises many interesting points and rather than dilute, […]

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First 10 Papercuts are healed!

OK, so my headline isn’t strictly true but it is cheering on a Monday morning 🙂 Thank you to everyone for their efforts. David Siegel has the full details on his blog. In addition to the people David mentions – who have put in a sterling effort –  I would also like to thank all […]

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What is a browser?

The lovely people at Google took to the streets with a video camera and asked passers-by three questions: What is a browser? What is the difference between a search engine and a browser? Which browser do you use? Less than 8% of people interviewed on that day knew what a browser was. Less than 8% […]

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Do design? Do open source?

One evening a few months ago, Leisa and I had dinner and were chatting – as one does – about work and the challenges of design in the open source community. One outcome of the evening was Leisa going home and registering It sat for a while. Then, last week, as we were chatting […]

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Zip, archive, package or compress? Help!

As part of the 100 paper cuts project that we are running for the next Ubuntu release we are focussing on small usability problems that, if fixed, will make the Ubuntu desktop experience feel smoother, safer, better. The developers are helping us fix them but we could do with usability and design input to help […]

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My new job

I have the most exciting job in design right now! What’s my job? I lead a team of designers who follow user-centred design methodologies to help inform the design of Ubuntu; we lend our skills to a huge range of Open Source applications. It is our job to add our skills, knowledge of user behaviour […]

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Moderating in a virtual world

I was lucky enough to be invited to moderate a Drupal 7 Online Summit last Sunday evening. Background: I have never used Drupal. I know approximately what it is. I have experience of IRC meetings and moderating offline discussions with members of the Open Source community. I have run many offline workshops with different audiences. […]

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