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Surveying contributions

If you have ever contributed to an open source project or wish you had got round to it then please can you fill in this survey? It isn’t a quick one, but if you have about 20 minutes to spare then your response would be very much appreciated. I will publish the results on […]

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In support of students

For me, it is very simple: restricting access to education is wrong.
Education is as much of an investment for a government as it is for the individual.

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Looking at Ubuntu Brainstorm: Idea #25801

The Ubuntu Technical Board is currently conducting a review of the top ten Brainstorm issues users have raised about Ubuntu, and Matt asked me to investigate Idea #25801: Help the user understand when closing a window does not terminate the app. In other words, figure out to signal to the user that an application will […]

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So, you want to provide an API for the world to use?

I conducted 5 qualitative interviews with developers and here are some findings. You have two problems. The first problem is to design the API. The second is to help people learn to use it. Great API design Is consistent, predictable, learnable. You are creating an API that developers will interact with. In the same way […]

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