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Do design? Do open source?

One evening a few months ago, Leisa and I had dinner and were chatting – as one does – about work and the challenges of design in the open source community. One outcome of the evening was Leisa going home and registering It sat for a while. Then, last week, as we were chatting […]

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Marmite, my mate?

I started a rather undersubscribed group on Facebook to take the discussion about the dreadful travesty that is the changed Marmite recipe out of the kitchen at work and into the wider world. This is very obviously a personal rant. If you are not a Marmite lover then please support my right to Marmite the […]

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What’s in a name?

One of my favourite Seth Godin posts is a very old one about the branding of Global Warming. To summarise: Global sounds nice, Warming also sounds nice. What if it were called Atmospheric Cancer or Pollution Death? So, on that note: Reuse, reduce, recycle!

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Chinese company beats everyone else!

Apparently Apple came last and Lenovo came first (replacing Nokia) on a Green Peace list of companies who are nice to the environment. Apple are quick to state that on a different list they come higher. I say well done Lenovo! Apple, we can all try harder, don’t be all tit for tat, it’s the […]

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Undermining the brand

I was doing a little bit of user testing on a website for a very large multi-national quite a few weeks ago, just to inform a pitch, and one of the headlines for my findings was that the current site undermines the brand. More recently I was watching someone else present those findings to a […]

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Nice Brand, nice experience

The Voice of BBC Long Melford sent me a link to the Howies site. Check it out. It is one of those brands that is all connected up and is lovely and fluffy and you sort of want to buy from them even if you aren’t into ‘sk8r’ gear. Like Innocent smoothies with their ‘Banana […]

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