Community Manager

Community manager in Salamanca

Social networks

It increases the number of followers and it improves the image of your company

  • Creation and configuaci³n of the main Social Networks.
  • Writing of content optimized for the SEO.
  • Focused articles and publications to harness the traffic Web.

It emphasizes in Internet

With the proliferation of websites of all type, every time it is more difficult to stand out enters the multitude of supplies of commercial information available the network.

To add and to update contents

For that reason it is essential to spend to him to time and effort to promote our Web, to create new and interesting contents that they attract our potential clients.

To make more visible our company

The €œmanager of the community€ is the one in charge to maintain alive and permanently renewed the presence of the company in Internet, watching our image name brand (branding) and what our clients of us say.

To study its statistics

The SAS offer information to him essential to improve their advertising message, its techniques SEO and SEM, and, really, their volume of sales and its ROI.

We implement a statistic system and we were in charge to extract the excellent information to improve your business online and offline.