Design of Autogestionables Blogs

Design of autogestionables blogs

Autogestionables blogs

It updates the content of your Web of fast and simple form

  • Unique and adapted designs to your model of business.
  • Systems of management of contents: Wordpress and Blogger.
  • Optimization for search engine optimization.

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The importance of a Web Self-managementable

An obsolete Web, whose content does not change for a long time, is not attractive for its visitors. And those visitors could become your clients if in your webpages find useful information on your products and services.

Mant©n your fresh and interesting site

Once created your website, if you extend and you update its contents frequently, it will attract more visits and he will be more interesting for his potential clients.

Your visitors will often return to your website to verify the new features, which extends your possibilities of receiving new orders,

He improves your positioning Web SEO

In addition, to update your webpages frequently will improve its position in finders, because to Google and other finders they like the webpages of quality, by far contained excellent for the sector, and that realise a continuous effort to offer novedodos contents.

It updates you yourself your webpages

You can carry out these tasks you yourself or your collaborators, by means of a blog or a Web self-managementable. In this way, ahorarr¡s operating expenseses and update, being useful the advantages that the periodic renovation of contents offers to him to your presence in Internet.

It publishes new features and warnings

You yourself you will be able to publish the news on your business that you wish to make arrive at your clients: new products or services, promotions, and any information that you wish.

Whenever serves a new product to the market, that you send a supply, or that are new features in your sector, your clients will be informed visiting your Web, which will do it more useful for them and it will help you to catch new consumers.

It inserts content multimedia

It easily includes texts, images, videos and connections, to equip to your pages of attractive material.

You will have a comfortable system of ascent from archives to the Web server.

Technologies that we used for self-managing sites

For a fit budget, we saved in your investment using systems of open code very spread, that simultaneously reduce to costs offering an ample range of possibilities and a complete set of functionalities.

If your company needs customized functions that they require to be programmed in accordance with your objectives, we will develop to an application Web to you self-managementable that adjusts exactly to your needs.

  • WordpressBlogger (or other CMS), reason why you will have much help and gratuitous videotutoriales in Internet.
  • Programming to size: (Development of autogestionables applications Web) that allows to change certain contents of the website by means of simple forms, without needing learning to handle a CMS.

If you need it, we offer formation exceeds how to add new contents to you or to modify the existing ones.

It saves maintenance costs

With a blog self-managementable, you will be able to modify you yourself the contents of your website and to create new publications when you wish. That way, it will not generate monthly operating expenseses to you.

You will only have to realise an annual payment, the one of the domain name and the lodging Web (hosting) for your blog, both services that we contracted quality suppliers, so that your webpages are fast and are available for your clients without interruptions 24h/365d.

Optional maintenance service

It enjoys a professional service

If you do not have time and/or qualified personnel to write up oriented texts of quality and to the SEO, or to create computer graphicsanimations and other materials, externaliza to IvankaMajic the creation of contents.

Our experts copywriters will write up articles oriented to the positioning Web SEO, and created with commercial intention, and will include free images of author rights.

Optionally, you we can create professional videos, to show to your products or services, and to present your company to your potential clients.

All this with the aim of obtaining the maximum yield of your webpages.

You need programming to size?

Based on the regularity and the type of changes that you wish to realise in the Web, you can choose between:

  • Corporative Web nonSelf-managementable:
    Itself prev©s to make small changes very sporadically and (Once a year, p.ej.)
  • Corporative Web Self-managementable: (programmed to size with data base):
    When you wish to make frequent changes in one or several pages of your website. For example: section of new features or events, portfolio, album of photos€¦
  • Wordpress blog:
    If you want to add contents frequently or to realise changes in any content of the website.

Anyone of the previous options can be complemented with a maintenance contract.