Design of Stores Online

Design of stores online

Stores Online

It sells your products 24 hours/7 days

  • Exclusive and adapted design to each model of business.
  • Positioning SEO in web search engines.
  • Store online with platform self-managementable.

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Electronic commerce

The electronic commerce is one of the sale channels that greater growth is being in the last years old; a constant growth that is appraised in the decision of all the great brands to develop a store online to support the physical store.

The user, more and more informed and with permanent access to Internet, looks for articles and compares prices from the computer and the mobile. A new form to realise the purchase process in which the movable devices and tablets play a fundamental role in the sale.

The store online power the physical store

Against this background, the electronic commerce plays a fundamental role, and to have an accessible store online to the clients is the best showcase to sell your products.  According to all the studies, consumers use more and more ROPO (research online, it purchase offline), that consists of looking for in the network information on the products that interest to them, later to buy them in a store online or a physical commerce, on the street.

Of this form, the user realises first stage of the purchase process from his computer or mobile, seeing products, investigating and discriminating based on tastes and prices, later to go to the physical store and to realise the purchase, with the decsi³n already taken.

Your store in Internet

The electronic commerce offers the possibility of telling on an open store online during 24 hours the day, the 7 days of the week. Of this form, your clients will be able to accede whenever they want and to the hour that better adapt to its schedule to see products and services that you offer.

An efficient and successful form to increase your sales and anywhere in the world to have your own store online in the network with potential clients.

Self-managing store PrestaShop

Thanks to the technology of Prestashop you will have a store online 100% self-managementable so that you do not have to pay maintenance costs. You yourself you will be able to update the inventory, to change prices, to realise supplies, to take the pursuit of all the orders much more and.

We were in charge of the initial configuration and to advise to you in everything what you need so that you can handle your store easily online. We will send to manuals and all the information to you that you solicit so that you can manage your store online with complete confidence and security.