Email Marketing

Email marketing in Salamanca

Companies Email HTML

It improves the image of your company with customized companies email

  • Design of email type to contact with clients.
  • Development HTML to obtain principle compatibility.
  • Improvement of the image of your company.

Campaigns of by email electronic publicity

The email marketing allows to maintain interested the old and potential clients, to remember to them that we existed and who they consider to us at the time of realising his purchases.

An impressive design receives much more attention, and is more probable that it is distributed virally; if it considers it visually interesting and pleasing, each receiver will send it to its well-known ones, which will increase the diffusion of our message.

Companies email HTML

When we sent a mail, we can insert automatic manually or a €œsignature€ in which to mention our name, position, company and data of contact.

Instead of a simple text, its company will project one better image if it uses an attractive design, with its logo and other images, I connect, legal warning€¦ all this based on HTML.