Equipment IvankaMajic

The designer and equipment of computer science of our company, to its service.

We are designers with ample experience in the sector of graphical arts, design Web, computer science, marketing online and other complementary disciplines.

Design professional Web

Fernando S¡nchez

Computer science, Director

  • Computer science titleholder in 1989, began as programmer of computers, and later he dedicated himself mainly to teaching of diverse computer science subjects.
  • First webpage realised his in 1996, which they followed websites to him for institutions, NGOs and companies, in addition to its own website of computer science tutorials.
  • It has carried out consultancy tasks Web, SEO, SEM and community management for diverse companies.
  • Is professor accredited by the Meeting of Castilla and Leon in Salamanca as Educational Expert of eCyL in the certificate of professionalism of Preparation and Publicaci³n of Webpages (IFCD0110).
  • He has distributed more than 4,000 hours of design Web in diverse courses of continuous and occupational formation, forming to more of a hundred of designers Web.
Marketing online and Positioning SEO

Carmen Borrego

Graphical design, publishing model-making and photograph.

  • Lawyer in Beautiful Arts by the University of Salamanca, in the specialty of
    Graphical design and Audio-visual.
  • It worked as graphical designer during 18 years in Varona Graphs (Salamanca).


In addition, we counted on the support of computer science programmers Web, translators (native and philologists), correctors, commercial personnel€¦

From Salamanca for all Spain

With headquarters in Salamanca (Castilla and Leon), we worked for clients of diverse provinces. Nowadays, the distance is not problem: through telephone, e-mail and remote access, loans our services with quality and guarantees.

No longer it is necessary to meet in person, since they have verified our clients of Madrid, Biscay, Valencia, Granada, Alicante, Saragossa, Alicante, Malaga, Plasencia, Zamora, Burgos, Badajoz, Seville, To Corunna, Ciudad Real, Navarre, Huesca, Tarragona, Valladolid, Salamanca€¦.