Glossary of Graphical Design

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Cuatricrom­a (CMYK)

System of impres³n that generates any color from 4 different inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

Manual of corporative identity

Document in which the masterful lines of the image of a company are designed. In him, the norms that are due to follow to print the brand and the logo in the different internal and external supports from the company, with special emphasis are defined in which they will be the public.


Anglicism that makes reference to the process to make and to construct to a brand, using a set of tie elements of direct or indirect form to the name or logo that identifies the brand, influencing in the value of the brand.

Graphical publicity

The publicity is a technique of massive communication, destined to spread or to inform to the public one on or or a service through mass media with the aim of motivating to the public towards an action.


It is a paper lamina, cardboard or another material that serves to announce or to give information on something. Usually they include the logo and the corporative colors of the distribution chain. The posters are also used to disclose and to support campaigns within the establishment. Generally, patches in the walls, furniture or heads of gondola are placed, on metallic feet or hung men of the ceiling. Also they serve to announce cultural spectacles or events.

Publishing design

It is the branch of the graphical design that specializes in the model-making and composition of different publications such as books, magazines or newspapers.


It constitutes the envelope or protection that accompanies to a product, but at the same time it comprises of his characteristics and it fulfills several objectives: protection, comfort, promotion, communication and improvement of the image of the product.


It is the graphical development of the package of a product that can be made in a great amount of materials and that serves to contain, to protect, to manipulate, to distribute and to present merchandise in any phase of its productive process, of distribution or sale. One of the main functions of the package is the one to conserve the product.


It is a graphical file format. A file EPS is a file PostScript that tries to do easier to programs of software including a file EPS within another document PostScript.

Jpeg (Joint Picture Expert Group)

JPEG is a method commonly used for the compression of photographic images. The reduction degree can be fit, which allows to select the commitment that exists between the size of storage and the quality of the image, something very important for its inclusion in webpages.

Png (Portable Network Graphics)

Png is a graphical format based on a nonsubject lossless data compression for bitmaps to patents. This format was developed mainly to resolve the deficiencies of format GIF and allows to store images with transparency, a greater depth of resistance and other important data.

Pdf (Portable Document Format)

It is a format of digital document storage independent of platforms of software or hardware. This format is of compound type (vectorial image, bit map and text). Files pdf are independent of the device, the same file can print in a filmadora or red inkjet printer. For the optimization of the impression the appropriate options in the creation of file pdf are formed.


The troquelado one is one of the main operations in the process of manufacture of, for example, cardboard packing. The design of the die comes defined by the needs from the funnel being able to confer to the box the most varied forms. Its manufacture is still very artisan being realised always under order.


Form of several leaves that serves as divulging or advertising instrument. In marketing, the pamphlet is a form simple to give publicity to a company, product or service. Its form of distribution is varied: locating it in the own point of sale, by means of shipment by email or door-to-door or including it within another publication.


It is a printed paper, generally as large as mediates A-5 sheet or leaflet, that directly distributes of hand in hand to the people in the streets and which announces, it asks, it questions or it points out something. It can have diverse aims: advertising, propagandistic, informative, institutional, etc.


It is a printed pamphlet formed by a lamina of paper or fine cardboard that bends in two parts. It is used in graphical publicity and arts as means to communicate simple ideas on a product, service, company, event, etc. The distribution form is varied, being very habitual the mailing to the address of the clients. Also it is distributed by means of door-to-door or it is placed on the counters of sale or in expository furniture.


A polid­ptico is a type of folding pamphlet design. It is formed by 4 or 5 you fold of a leaf. With 6 you fold would also be called accordion. Basically two types of fold exist: surrounding and in zigzag.

Offset impression

It is an impression method (reproduction of documents and images on different supports), that consists of applying a red, generally oily, on a metallic plate, composed generally of an aluminium alloy. One takes place by means of monochrome plates, so that a plate by each color must be created to print; by each one of the four colors of the model of color CMYK (They back water, Magenta, Yellow and Black), also known as impression in cuatricrom­a. From the separated image a fotolito is created, which projects with ultraviolet light on an aluminum plate hard anodizing.

Another method of creation of the plate is the impression on a plastic plate by means of laser printer, or also the direct transference of the digital image through a laser, by means of a known device as Computer to Plate (Direct to plate), also known by its abbreviations, CTP.

Digital impression

It is a process that consist on paper of the direct impression of a digital file, by diverse means, being the most common red in red inkjet printer (cartridges), and toner in laser printer.
He is ideal for projects of impression of low volume and extremely short times of delivery, because one of the main advantages that offer is the almost immediate availability of forms, because it does not require cooling or masking time when not working with inks, as the traditional impression offset.