Glossary of Design Web

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Universal Resource Localizator/Identifier: direction of a resource in Internet: domain, webpage, servant FTP, email address, etc. Are what there is to key p.ej in the navigator to accede to a webpage.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Proveevedor de Servicios Internet. Virtual company that lodging offers, domains, hard disks and other services related to Internet.


Set of archives that compose an only URL (text and model-making, images, animations, videos€¦). P.ej: home page.

Static webpage

They are those that are previously created by a designer Web, and are not modifiable by an end user. Corporative examples of Web

Dynamic webpage

They are those that are created through a CMS (system of creation of contents, as Blogs in WordPress) or by means of programming of servant (P.ej. PHP+MySQL), as


Set of webpages of a same company or organization, lodged under a same domain. Each of them has a different URL, although they share the initial part (domain and suffix).

Self-managing website

They are those that have been created by means of a CMS or programming to size, and can be maintained and be updated by the own personnel of the company without design knowledge Web.


She is the person in charge to manage the contents of the website of a company or institution. These tasks can be carried out by the Community Manager, is personal of the company or a externalizado professional service as which it offers IvankaMajic.

CMS (Content Management System)

System of management of contents: it is a complex application Web that allows to create a structure of webpages, to insert new pages and to modify the contents of each page, and other tasks of maintenance and update. The system automatically creates the connections to the new pages, updates the menus, etc, facilitating much the work of webmaster. Examples: WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, PrestaShop, Wikis, Forums€¦

Hosting (Web Hosting)

Folder of archives in a computer of a supplier of Internet services (ISP), where the archives are stored that compose a website. Contract with a ISP per periods of time (p.ej years).


Specific name of a website, for example, the name of the company. The domains are registered and they are due to contract through a ISP, with duration of 1 year (12 months) as minimum.


Name that defines the thematic nationality or of a website. Ex: .es, .com, .net, .info, .hotel, .madrid€¦

TLD (Top Level Domain)

Domain of first level. One talks about to the name of domain of a website. For example: dise±owebglobal would be the TLD of

EMD (Exact Match Domain)

Domain of exact coincidence. One talks about to that one name of domain that agrees exactly with the key words search that a user does. For example: would be a EMD for the search yoga plasencia. They are a factor that improves the positioning Web SEO.

Html (Hipertext Markup Language)

Language of description of the content of a webpage. Also it contains information on the structure of the page.


Fifth version of the HTML, that offers improvements as the possibility semantically of labeling the content, of reproducing audio and video of more compatible form, to store information in the computer of the visitor€¦

DHTML (Dynamic HTML)

Dynamic HTML: combined use of HTML and Javascript to contribute interactivity to a webpage. For example, to make a merry-go-round, a pass of enacting, an accordion, etc€¦

CSS (Cascade Steel Sheet)

Cascading Style Sheets: language that allows to define the aspect of the contents of a webpage. P.ej.: colors and sizes of letter and blocks of content, position in the screen.


Third version of the standard CSS, that incorporates visual improvements and special effects of animation. Each navigator (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc) interprets them of partial way, reason why a same design CSS is not in the same way in all of them. The old versions do not support many or any of the CSS3 functionalities.

W3C (Consortium World Wide Web)

Organization who creates different standards on design Web, with the intention of improving the compatibility between navigators and fomenting the good practices in the sector.


Programming language of the side of the client (visitor), who is due to compile before being able to execute in a device. Not to confuse with Javascript.


Programming language of scripts of the side of the client (visitor), who allows certain level of interactivity to the webpages.


Bookstore of programming based on Javascript that allows to program complex interactivity and other functionalities, of a simpler way. Very it is used to create slides, accordions and many more effects.

XML (you extend Markup Language)

Language of description of the contents of a webpage that labels each fragment of information (p.ej: title, description, price€¦), which allows to an automated treatment of the information by means of an application Web, and it facilitates his import and export to other applications.

AJAX (Asincronous Javascript And XML)

Joint use of Javascript and XML, that allows p.ej to be unloading the contents of a page at the request of the visitor and other functions outposts.


Programming language of the side of the servant who allows to create dynamic pages. The pages €œmount€ at the time of the visit, combining different elements: head, foot, extracted contents of a data base p.ej. MySQL€¦ Example: the SERP (pages of result of a finder), that are created €œin direct€ at the request of each visitor.


Database management system very used in applications Web. Usually it is used in combination with language PHP.


Reduced image of so large that, the pressed being, it shows in screen the same image greater size.


Functionality that shows in a webpage a subgroup of images in miniature connected other pages or archives of image. It has bellboys previous and following to see the rest of miniatures of the set. It is programmed in Javascript. Example: portfolio of graphical design and Web.


Functionality that shows in a webpage a pass of slides (succession of images) that show to products or services and can be connected to specific contents of the website. It is programmed in Javascript. Examples: slides in IvankaMajic.


Functionality that shows in a webpage a group of lapels, that to the being beaten, show the information which they contain, while they hide the one of the rest of lapels. It is programmed in Javascript.

Fluid design

Design of webpages that allows that the contents adapt to the size of the screen. For example, that a paragraph more or less shows words by line based on the width of the window of the navigator. It is the base of responsive Dise±o.

Responsive design (or adaptive)

Design of webpages that automatically adapts to different devices and sizes from screen, by means of changes of size and position of the contents. It is obtained by means of style sheets CSS specifically designed. To see adapted corporative examples of Webs mobiles and how designing a Web for smartphones.

WPO (Web Optimization Performance)

Optimization of the speed of a website. Oriented techniques to reduce the time of unloading of a page. Among others, they include optimization of size of images, minificaci³n of archives CSS and JS, improvements in the programming, compression gZip, use of different servers, optimization of data bases€¦ the WPO is one of the positioning factors Web, reason why it affects to the SEO.