Glossary of Marketing Online

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Unique visits

It is the number of people different that they have visited a certain website, independent from the number of pages that each of them has seen in this site. Often, the systems of statistical Web cannot identify to a visitor as the same when the visits take place in different days or occasions. Sometimes a term is considered of, p.ej. 30 minutes of difference to consider different visitor.

Seen pages

Number of total pages that have visited each and every one of the visitors of a website. For example, if a person has seen 5 pages, and another 3, enter 2 unique visitors and 7 seen pages.

System of Analytical Web

Computer science application (that executes in the servant) who enters and stores information, and generates statistics on the visitors and the pages that consult a certain website. That information, correctly studied by a specialist in marketing online, allows to optimize the advertising strategy of the company and to increase the benefits.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Pages of result of a finder, that show the list of webpages that contain the words (keywords) keyed in the box search, ordinates according to their relevance.


Key words, Chain search: text that a visitor keys in the box search of a finder to find pages with this content. Onpage is one of the fundamental elements of the SEO.

Long Tail

Chain search (keywords) composed of several words. It allows more precise searches, reducing the number of pages listed in the SERP. When keywords main of a market niche is very competed, a good publicist can obtain good opportunities of business in long tail.


He is the objective public of an advertising campaign, that is to say, the social group to whom the advertiser wants to direct his announcements. In order to improve the ROI, it is important to define either target the more profitable for our products or services, and to concentrate our effort in that group. The marketing tools online allow to far better segment the hearing that traditional marketing offline, reason why its yield is much greater.


One talks about to the possibility that an advertising campaign is limited those adressees who are desired: p.ej according to his physical location, age, I interest,€¦

Fold (€œdog ears€)

It is the part of a webpage that is nothing else seen load it, without needing using the scroll bar to see the content that is more down. It is the zone most important to put announcements, since she is the first that appear and the one that always is going to see the users.


Times that an announcement is shown in a webpage. Usually it is counted by thousands, and is the base of the CPM.


Number of visitors who formalize a purchase in a website. Usually it is expressed as a percentage of: purchases divided by visits.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Optimization of the index (percentage) of conversion. They are the strategies that lead to that more visitors finalize the purchase or lead (registry€¦). They include techniques of improvement of usability, the commercial message, target, the computer science programming, etc.

ROI (Return of Investment)

Return of Investment, or yield of a publicity campaign. It is important to define some realistic and suitable objectives of marketing to the budget, and soon to measure the results by means of KPIs to consider the ROI.

KPI (Key Indicator Performance)

Parameter that allows to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign online. Following the objectives determined to they elplan of marketing, will choose the appropriate indicators.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Marketing in finders: they are the advertising actions directed to appear in the SERP (pages of results of the finders). Usually they are based on model CPC, with a system of you bid up.


Service of publicity in the finder offered by Google, and based on CPC (cost by click), or on CPM (cost by thousand impressions) for its network of Display. it allows to segment the publicity according to place of the visitor, schedules, etc.

Network of Display

Set of websites (blogs, forums, etc) of third parties that show to announcements of the companies clients of Google AdWords. It allows to segment the even publicity that appears only in those websites related to the market of the advertiser.

CPC (Coste Por Clic)

System of pricing of publicity online based on a price by whenever a visitor clicks in the announcement.

CPM (Coste Por Mil)

System of pricing of publicity online based on a price by each thousand impressions (times that an announcement is shown in a webpage).

CPA (Cost By Acquisition)

System of pricing of publicity online based on a price by each sale or a commission on the sale price. It is the foundation of the affiliation campaigns.

CPL (Cost By €œLead€)

System of pricing of publicity online similar to the CPA, but in which not only she remunerates the effective sales, but also other actions of marketing as a registry in a website, €œI likes€ or €œto share€ of Facebook, the contribution of data of contact of possible clients, etc€¦

CTR (Clic Through Rate)

Relation between the number of click that become in banner or connect advertising of text, and the number of impressions (times that have been). Usually it is indicated as a percentage. A low CTR reveals that the product or announced service is not interesting for the visitors, or who the election of the content (commercial mottos, graphical elements, visual design€¦) she is not the adapted one for that promotion.


System of publicity online in which an advertiser places in his Web announcements of a company in exchange for a commission on the sales that are derived from these announcements, or a fixed amount by each registered user (CPL)€¦

Landing Page

Webpage that contains a bill of sale and is oriented to obtain €œleads€ (registries, sales€¦) of a campaign, promotion or specific product. They can be temporary. One has demonstrated that they increase to much the rate of conversion.


Micrositio is a website of few pages (p.ej. 3-6) that has the same objective of one landing page, but, by the complexity of the product to promote, it requires major extension.


It is a form of direct marketing that uses the e-mail as commercial communication or mass media of messages to a specific hearing. It has several objectives: to improve relation of the company with its clients, to acquire to new clients or the own clients to offer a direct purchase to them.


Static image or animation in movement that announces a product, service or event. When the visitor clicks in banner, is to him to one landing page or the website of the advertiser. He is one of the fundamental elements of the publicity online.