Glossary of SEO and Social Average

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Incoming connections

Bonds in other webpages that aim at ours. It is the base of the link building and the SEO in off - page.

Salient connections

Bonds in a webpage that aim at other pages or URLs.

Direct visits

Visits that arrive at our page after pressing in another page a connection (incoming) that aims at ours.

Juice link

Juice of connections: amount of PageRank that is distributed to the pages indicated in our salient connections.

SEO (Sarch Engine Optimization)

Techniques of optimization for finders: process that investigates and implements a series of measures to improve the position of a site or webpage determined in the SERP (pages of result of searches). Good results are obtained in the medium and long term.

SEO On-page

SEO based on modifying the content and structures of each webpage. It only depends on the people in charge of the page and the technicians SEO.

SEO In off - page

SEO based on obtaining improvements in the incoming connections of the page. It requires to convince to others webmasters that they connect to our site. Essentially, one is based on the Building Link.

Building link

Process of creation and maintenance of a set of incoming connections that allow to improve our PageRank and to attract direct visits. If we have contents of very high quality, we can secure gratuitous incoming connections, but normally, we will have to pay by them (to see CPM, CPC€¦).

Link Byte

Bait of connections: it is a digital content (photo, computer graphics, document pdf, blog article€¦) of great informative, artistic and/or playful quality, that another webmaster connects in their webpages, which contributes an incoming connection to us. Building is part of the link strategies. Also it can be distributed of viral form, in which case, we would not obtain link juice.
Return of Investment, or yield of a publicity campaign.


System patented by Google that try to value the importance of each webpage being based on the amount, quality and thematic relevance of the incoming connections that receive. He is one of the parameters that the position of this page in the SERP determines (pages of results search), reason why is very important in the techniques SEO.


Characteristic of a digital content (photo, computer graphics, document pdf, blog article€¦) of great quality informative, artistic and/or playful, that does to him very attractive for an ample number of people, who will distribute it to their contacts by own initiative, distributing itself by Internet as a virus. Form leaves from the more successful strategies of marketing online and with better ROI.


Abbreviations of Exact Domain Match, that is to say: €œdomain of exact coincidence€. It is applied when the domain name (TLD) agrees exactly with the key words search. To use the key words in the domain name can help to one better position in the finders, but only if the content really deals with the same subject that TLD.

WPO (Web Optimization Performance)

Optimization of the speed of a website (to see in design glossary Web). A slow Web obtains worse positioning in Google, reason why the WPO comprises of the SEO.

Fresh content

Texts, images, videos, computer graphics,€¦ that represent a newness in Internet, and, for this reason, are evaluated by the finders, that improve their positioning.

Duplicated content

That one information (especially text), that is copied of another website (it is HTML, pdf or others). From Google Panda, the duplicated content is penalized, reason why the creators of contents must write up original content if they want to position it well.

Google Panda

Algorithm (system of analysis of Webs) of Google that tries to offer better results search penalizing the duplicated content and other techniques that reduce the user experience.

Google Penguin

Algorithm of Google that penalizes the webpages that buy connections to improve artificially their Pagerank and authority, among others factors.