Virtual installation of TPV

Virtual installation of TPV

Virtual TPV

Payments online of fast, simple and safe form

  • Installation of the virtual TPV and technical attendance.
  • Simplification of the process of purchase for the client.
  • Integration in the main platforms of sale online.

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What is the virtual TPV?

The TPV is a service that, once installed and formed in your webpage or lies down online, will allow you to receive by the offered services of a easy and safe form using a debit, credit card, virtual pre-payment or.

 We install and we formed the virtual TPV in your webpage or lies down online to facilitate and to make agile the payments that your clients do. You will increase to the confidence online and the rapidity in the payment.

How work the virtual does TPV?

The operation is simple and it is possible to be summarized in the following steps:

  • The client realises the order through the Web and once it realises the payment chooses the option to pay with debit or credit card through virtual TPV, that acts as it connects between the Web and the bank.
  • Once this option is selected, it is acceded to the payment footbridge, surroundings surely anti-fraud SSL and based data that allow to realise the payment with total confidence. It is in this point where the client fills up the data of his card and the payment takes place online.
  • When the client confirms the data, an internal message by means of the protocol of security SSL is sent to the bank to authorize the collection of the credit card. If all the data are correct and if the card has balance, the purchase on the part of the user becomes effective.
  • Once the transaction has been realised, the bank sends a confirmation to the user and the entrance of the money is realised in the account of the salesman, doing effective the purchase.

Which are their advantages of the virtual TPV?

In addition to the technical characteristics that turn it into a method of safe and versatile payment, the virtual TPV has become one of the methods of payment online more used by the users due to its ease of use and mainly, to the advantages in relation to the usability Web that supposes.

  • It is a method of very fast payment, reason why the client takes very little in realising the purchase, avoiding that leaves the purchase process before doing it effective.
  • The money is very instantaneously entered the account of the salesman, reason why the shipment of the product can be transacted immediately.
  • It is a payment method certainly generates a great confidence in the client, which facilitates the purchase.
  • The client only needs a credit card to realise the purchase, which simplifies the purchase process.
  • An anti-fraud system that a great confidence in the consumer generates, reducing therefore the abandonments in the basket of the purchase are programmed with.
  • Returns of money of simple way can be realised and without it supposes some high costs.
  • The virtual TPV in the main platforms of sale online of the market as Prestashop, Magento and others can be integrated. In addition, paraintegrarlo in any type of webpage can be formed of customized way.
  • All the transactions are realised with protocols of security SSL and the information of the card always is assured and encriptada.

Payment with card with the TPV of Reds½s

The installation of a virtual TPV allows the clients to realise payments through the Web of fast, simple and safe form.

Reds½s offers a service of means of payment of quality, insurance, flexible, innovating and efficient.

In addition its high compatibility with pataformas to sale online turns it into one of the used virtual services of payment more.

TPV in Store Online

We install the TPV in your store online and realised all the necessary tests for its configuration and activation.

The virtual system of TPV is compatible with the majority of lasplataformas of sale online as PrestashopOsCommerce, Magento€¦

TPV in Corporative Web

Installation and configuration of the virtual TPV in your corporative Web.

Our equipment of development Web will be in charge to create the form of payment, as well as its integration with the footbridge of virtual payment for Integra the TPV in the corporative Web.