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Design of Webpages and Marketing Online


Design Web


It shows to his products and services his potential clients with webpages professional, attractive, and adapted to mobiles.

Positioning CATHEDRAL Web


CATHEDRAL: It improves the position in Google of the Web of your company, to secure more visits and to supplant to your competitors.

Marketing Online


Campaigns of publicity in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc, to obtain new clients, with the most profitable investment.

Stores Online


24h/365d sells its products to clients of all Spain, with its store Web self-managementable, and virtual TPV for payment with card.

To contact with Design Global Web

We improve your positioning and we increased your sales

You want to sell more in Internet? Our professional equipment will guide to secure you the success of your company in the network.
Gratuitous consultant's office: it contacts with us; we will respond your doubts and we will design together the best strategy for your business.


It drags the photos or it beats in you shoot with an arrow to move. Click in the images to see the details.

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Design quality Web

Your company needs a service of quality

It is not enough with being in Internet, to be successful you must apply a strategy that obtains results. For it, you must trust professionals who know how to promote your company, to offer the best image to your potential clients, and to select the most effective methods to arrive at them and to transmit your commercial message to them. Your Web is your image in Internet: you do not leave it into the hands of fans.

Why we are your better election?

Professional equipment

Multidisciplinary professional equipment

Design Global Web is formed by professional technicians who add 45 years of experience in design Web, positioning Web CATHEDRAL, marketing online and graphical design. With a computer science programmer and specialist in design Web and CATHEDRAL and a licensed graphical designer in Beautiful Arts, we contributed a vision of 360º that assures to you to optimize your project to obtain the greater yield

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Yield of the investment

It makes profitable your investment with economic budgets

Our work is distinguished to deal with the project your company of customized way, applying the strategy more adapted to the needs of your business, always looking for the yield of your investment in Internet. You are a SME, an independent entrepreneur, one startup or one consolidated company, we offer very competitive prices maintaining the quality and the professionalism to you of our work.

It asks for budget without commitment.


Design Web Salamanca

Redesign Web, image and contents

Many companies have been having a website created for years and they have not updated its information and image, that it has changed much lately. We provide the solution to you to update your Web.

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To design a webpage

What type of Web I need for my company

At the time of making a Web it is necessary to define our objectives to know what type of Web is most appropriate for our company. He discovers which is the Web that better adapts to your business.

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Positioning CATHEDRAL

Why I need to make CATHEDRAL

To count on an attractive Web is fundamental to obtain new clients. Nevertheless, it is necessary to count on a good strategy CATHEDRAL to obtain a suitable positioning.

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To increase visits in the Web

How to increase the visits to our Web?

In order to show to my products or services my potential clients, I need that they visit my website. with payment publicity, or creating contained that attracts visits.

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