Design of Landing Pages

Design of landing pages in Salamanca

Landing Pages

Optimized pages to increase the sales

  • Unique and customized designs.
  • Webpages adapted to all type of devices.
  • Optimization for search engine optimization.

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What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page (page of €œlanding€) is a designed page specifically to catch the attention of the visitor on a determined supply, promotion or precise event, and to turn it into buyer.

She is compound of several blocks designed specifically to show your advertising message with the greater effectiveness:

  • commercial slogan
  • it photographs attractive
  • strength of your product
  • strength of your company (they contribute confidence)
  • the advantages that its acquisition contributes
  • testimonies of satisfied clients
  • call to the action (call to action), so that the visitor is decided to the purchase
  • terms of validity, to be urgent to the purchase decision

To facilitate the pick up of clients

Ours landing pages has a contact form so that the visitor can consult information to you or relizar an order to you, and also shows clearly your phone numbers in outstanding places, so that to the visitor it is very easy to him to contact with you.

In addition, the possible clients who visit your landing page from a movable device (smartphone) will be able to only call to you by telephone pressing your number in the screen, without needing keying it. Thus, he will be more comfortable to them to contact with you and to realise his orders.

Oriented on sale

Hard commercial direction

By means of publicity in AdWords or Facebok Ads we will attract visits towards your landing page, where, with an attractive graphical design, a commercial writing and a clear invitation to the action, we will convince the visitor that she buys your product, goes to your presentation, it is registered in your website, or it is put in touch with your company.

Landing pages sells products

Some of landing pages are temporary and more lasting others, following if your promotion is extended in the time or you only need to publicize an event or supply with some certain terms. But all of them are essential to harness your sales.

Greater effectiveness if in addition they include a video

Adding an advertising video, you will obtain until a 80% of increase in the percentage of conversions, that is to say, the possibility that your visitors become your clients.

Our advertising videos YouTube, will fulfill your objectives of marketing online with a very economic cost,


If you wish to extend contents and to harness the SEO, instead of one landing page, we will create one to you of our successful adapted Web SME to mobiles nearly money more.

With a Web SME you will have a complete website with 6 pages (expandable by a small additional cost), with a modern and effective design, programmed by our computer science under the directives of our equipment SEO, with the aim of optimizing your future investment in positioning Web.

Web SME allows you to extend the information on your main products or services, being saved the costs that it would have to develop a unique graphical design.