Logos & Corporative Identity

Design of posters and vinyls in Salamanca

Design of Logos

We develop the corporative identity of your company

  • Design of unique and exclusive logos for your company.
  • Application of them design to different formats: Web, stationery store€¦
  • We help to create and a hard attractive image name brand.


The importance of a logo design is especially excellent in the case of small companies and medians with desire to grow and for that reason become fundamental to contract expert graphical designers to obtain a really impressive logo. One is not about a mere image and/or word but a sign that the conception of a company represents.

The logo represents your company and your products

With the logo we will be able to represent the product type or service that you want to offer to your clients and at the same time we will give an exclusive recognition to your brand with a high visual impact. In addition the logo will allow you to distinguish to your company of the rest of competition, which will give to a good position in the market, consolidating products and services him during greater time. This will facilitate a growth of the gains and a fortification of the image of the company.

Elije between different proposals

We will design the Symbol and the Logo according to the needs of your company and having adapted us to his objectives. We offer proposals and presentation of sketches until obtaining a complete satisfaction.

Image name brand

From that point we offer a Corporative Manual of Identity with rules and landlords to use, so that thus, the corporative image of your company always is homogenous there where it goes, creating therefore the concept of €œrecognizable brand€ or €œbranding€ by your clients.

Stationery store

Later the identity will go shaped in all the stationery store (letters, envelopes, business cards, seals, folders,€¦)