Marketing of Contents

Marketing of contents and writing Web

Writing of Contents

It improves the positioning of your Web with excellent content

  • Periodic update of the content of the Web.
  • Writing of content optimized for the SEO.
  • Focused articles to harness the traffic Web.

New and original material

To offer new content to our clients is fundamental to maintain its attention on our company. Or a webpage, a store online, a blog or a profile in some social network as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the up-to-date content represent the main reason so that ours potenciale clients accede to our space in the Web and our products and services are interested in.

For this reason, in IvankaMajic we have an exclusive service in that we created all type of content for your website, blog, Facebook€¦ We work all type of formats and we adapted to the needs of your company and the tastes of your clients: texts, computer graphics, videos, animations, ebooks and other digital contents related to thematic the own one of your business.

Content optimized for positioning SEO

The content is one of the most important parameters that they consider the algorithms search in the web search engines as Google or Bing. Therefore, the content that is gotten up in the Web must be optimized the positioning SEO and to harness the Web to increase its visibility. In addition. Google penalizes the copied content of other sites, whereas it stimulates original and the only thing, improving the position in the searches.

How we were able to optimize the content?

In order to obtain a content of quality and that harnesses the positioning SEO of the Web, the first step it is to create original content and of quality that it attracts the users and it increases the dwell times in the Web. In addition, our equipment of SEO will be in charge to harness those excellent key words your business and of including the necessary improvements in the code so that it increases the visibility of your Web in the web search engines.

Why it is so important to update the content of our webpage?

A website with fresh and up-to-date content frequently will provide more new visitors, and will foment that your potential clients return periodically to the Web to consult the new content. Of this form you will be created a group of potential clients habitual appellants and that will be growing of progressive form, generating more options of conversion.