Marketing Online in Salamanca

Marketing Online and Google Adwords

We increase the yield of your publicity

Marketing Online


We create your campaigns of publicity segmented and oriented your potential clients to optimize the cost and to secure the maximum yield to your investment.

Social average marketing


We manage and we optimized your social networks to obtain the maximum yield. Promotion of products and services, contests, publications and more.

Marketing of contents


Writing of contents optimized for the positioning SEO. It increases to the volume of traffic Web with contents of quality and oriented your clients.

Video marketing


Videos advertising to present your products and services and optimized to improve the positioning SEO through platforms of great relevance as Youtube.

Marketing Online Salamanca

It arrives from an effective form at your clients

We improve your publicity online so that you arrive effectively at your clients.

Campaigns of publicida segmented for increase to arrive at potential clients and to increase to the volume of conversion and sale.

Video animations flash

Video Animations Flash

Videos and animations flash to present your projects of an interactive form. Animated images, locution, effects of sound, music composed to average for your project and much more. Adapted animations multimedia to each project: webpage or presentations in public, videos in Full HD or low resolution to optimize the size of the Web.

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Community Manager

Creation and management of social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube€¦ Publication of contents oriented and adapted your objective public, interaction with the users, increase of followers, contests, campaigns of publicity and promotion of products and services. It improves the image of your company and obtains new followers.

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Comunity Manager

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We on Facebook create and we managed campaigns of publicity by means of Facebook Ads. It discovers a new form to promote your products and services by means of a publicity completely segmented and oriented your potential clients. We study and we analyzed your campaign to obtain positive results and that your investment is always profitable.

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We design and we published your promotions and supplies in portals as Milanuncios where the publication cost is gratuitous. You will secure a greater volume of calls with a low investment. We will be in charge to manage, to review and to optimize your campaign of publicity in Milanuncios to always obtain positive results and that your investment is profitable.

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Milanuncios publicity

Email marketing

Email Marketing

It promotes your products and services with campaigns of publicity through e-mail. Thanks to email-marketing you will be able to arrive at a high volume of potential clients and to present your products, services, new features or promotions of a fast and simple form. We design and we managed your campaign with emails HTML to maximize the compatibility of all the potential clients.

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Newsletter HTML

If you want to send a massive mail more complex to its clients of periodic form, we were in charge to create your to newsletter to the complete one. We design your to newsletter with a more complex structure, where you will be able to show your outstanding products, new features or promotions, of an attractive and effective way. As much the companies as newsletter are designed to a maximum width of 600 pixels, to maximize the compatibility with all the programs of mail and navigators, and who all the adressees see them correctly.

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Companies HTML and Newsletters

It trusts the professionals

You do not risk with novices or fans. A part of our work is to solve the problems that have caused to our clients their previous nonprofessional designers Web.
With us, you will be sure that your investments in Internet have positive results.

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