Configuration and Management of Marketplaces



It sells your products in the main platforms online.

  • Configuration of the store online in the Marketplace.
  • High of products and management of shipment costs.
  • Optimization and pursuit of the yield of the store.

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Why to sell in Amazon?

Every time they are plus the people who have been using Amazon to buy the products that they look for, which for of Amazon one of marketplaces of Internet with more success. In Amazon the clients can find your products easily and buy with confidence.
In addition, Amazon allows to sell products in five European platforms of Amazon: Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, extending therefore the number of potential clients.

How it works?

First it is to create a salesman account to begin to sell in Amazon. For it is necessary:

  • A credit card
  • A phone number
  • The data of your company
  • The data of the contact person that you have chosen
  • The data of the owners of the company which you represent
  • Banking data

Once created the account, the products rise manually the platform either or by means of files of load, for the stores with the more products.

In addition, Amazon offers a series of advantages, as €˜Logistic of Amazon€™, an option available to use the resources of logistic management of Amazon, their options of fast shipment and free for your products and his recognized service of attention the client in the local language of the platforms of Amazon

Which is the price to sell in Amazon?

There are two categories of salesmen in Amazon: Individual and Pro. Whereas the Individual account does not have monthly tariff but a quota by each sold article, the account Pro offers a service of greater spread, since it allows a greater volume of sales with a monthly unique tariff. This way, Amazon offers types of account different to adjust to the concrete needs of each salesman.

In the following connection the detailed tariffs can be seen:

Amazon tariffs