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Design Corporative Webpage with Wordpress

Design of webpage for company specialized in furniture of office in Lleida. For the construction of the Web use the system of autogestionables webpages WordPress. Of this form modifications and the edition of content on the part of different users can be realised authorized, without needing resorting to an external company and paying to costs derived from the maintenance Web.

Positioning SEO

For the positioning SEO it was realised an analysis and an investigation of the competition. Of this form one determined the more excellent strategy to follow, as well as key words to obtain an effective positioning and that allows to attract the greater volume of traffic the Web.

Once fact the analysis was realised the implementation of the strategy defined by means of the optimization of the Web, improves of the speed of load, optimization of images and implementation of metaetiquetas, among others factors SEO.

Writing of Content

Once finalized the Web and in order to update the content, diverse publications have been realised in the blog created within the own Web. Thus, in addition to harnessing different key words by means of articles oriented for the positioning SEO, it is allowed to update the Web and to offer to the potential clients new material.