Newsletters HTML

Newsletters HTML in Salamanca

Newsletters HTML

Tool of an effective and economic marketing online

  • It promotes your products through Email Marketing.
  • It informs into the new features and supplies of your company.
  • Exclusive and adapted designs to each model of business.


A NewsLetter or bulletin is an e-mail (email) that is periodically sent to all the clients or visitors of our website or commerce, with the intention of announcing our new features or promotions to them.

Used as habitual way, it serves for multiple aims, as:

  • to maintain informed the clients into the new features of our company or sector
  • to announce our new products, promotions to them€¦
  • to offer cheap out of phase articles or last units in stock (outlet)

Newsletter HTML

If you wish to send a massive mail more complex to your clients, of precise way (supplies, events) or newspaper (bulletin = to newsletter), we can create a complete one to him to newsletter HTML, with a more complex structure, where you will be able to show your outstanding products, new features or promotions, of an attractive and effective way.

As much the companies as newsletter are designed to a maximum width of 600 pixels, to maximize the compatibility with all the programs of mail and navigators, and who all the adressees see them correctly