SEO + Video + Google MyBusiness + monthly SEO (2 months)

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  • Initial SEO onPage (intermediate)
  • Video SEO and Google MyBusiness
  • Pack monthly SEO (interm 1) during 2 months

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A good position of your website in Google will do to you visible

The use of Internet to locate to products and services is more and more important and has been integrated of natural form in the service or purchase process of any product. For this reason, to be positioned suitably and to facilitate that your potential clients find you is fundamental to obtain the volume of sales who you wish and to remove the maximum party to your webpage.

The following pack offers a form to you simple and comfortable to improve the positioning of your Web and to inicar the way towards the first positions of the ranking of searches.

Initial SEO OnPage

The initial SEO onpage understands a great variety of focused actions to prepare your Web so that the web search engines find it and they position it adequately. By means of these actions, your page perfectly will be optimized and better will be considered by the own web search engines at the time of establishing the ranking.

We work on numerous aspects of content visible of your pages and the one that remains hidden to the visitors (but who see the finders), to harness the key words that we have determined in the previous analysis.

We investigate the competition and the key words

To optimize a Web for the positioning SEO is fundamental to obtain a good valuation on the part of the web search engines as Google, Bing and others and that locate it between the first positions.

For it, we realised an analysis of the competition, their key words, their positioning and determined which is the most efficient and appropriate form to locate your webpage between the first positions search.

It improves the positioning with videos in YouTube

One of the most effective methods to improve the positioning SEO of a webpage is the edition and publication of videos in the platform of YouTube. Thanks to the great amount of users who use YouTube every day, we can realise videos and publish them to generate quality connections that harness the positioning of the Web. In addition, we were in charge of its publication and diffusion in the different social networks that you have active.

The importance of Google MyBusiness

In spite of being the social network with greater volume of users, the entailment of Google Plus and Google MyBusiness with Google make essential to obtain a positioning quality SEO and to facilitate that your potential clients find you.

In addition, by means of the system of Google MyBusiness, your clients will be able to accede directly to your products or service when realising searches in Google, being facilitated the process search and increasing the conversion.

The key is in the monthly SEO

Once realised the initial SEO, it is the moment for continuing working the strategy SEO with different actions as writing from content, edition of videos, creation of external liaisons of relevance or publications in social networks.

One of the most influential factors at the time of obtaining a good positioning is the update of contents in the Web that contribute information of quality to the users. For this reason, by means of packs monthly SEO will be realised the update and publication of oriented content of quality to attract new users and to improve the positioning SEO.

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Conditions of the promotion

  • Valid supplies until June of 2017.
  • Temporary and noncumulative supplies with others.
  • Prices without IVA, valid except for error.
  • Only valid for final clients.