Corporative Web + Domain (2 years)

Corporative supply Web

Corporative Web only 499 ‚¬

You will save 78‚¬ with this supply!

  • Corporative Web with unique design
  • Adaptation to movable devices and tablets
  • Domain + Hosting 2 years

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Customized Corporative Web

It offers a taken care of, present and innovating vision of your company with completely customized a corporative webpage and in accordance with the needs of your company.

Every time they are plus the users who look for information in the network and to offer a webpage that represents your company is the perfect form to arrive at your clients and to present your products and services to him.

Customized and adapted design to all the devices

We design the corporative Web of your company basing us on your ideas and the objectives to fulfill. You will count on a unique and customized design that faithfully reflects the philosophy of your company.

In addition, all our Web adapts all type of movable devices and tablet so that the users can accede from any part and contact at any time with your company.

It increases your visits

It increases to the number of potential clients who visit your Web and obt©n greater yield for your company. By means of a study and an analysis SEO we will establish the most suitable strategy to position your webpage and to obtain a greater number of visits.

Without maintenance costs

The domain and lodging of the first year go including in the price of supply.

Later, you will only pay to the domain and lodging by only 49 ‚¬/year.

Your webpage will not generate monthly expenses to you of maintenance.

If you wish to realise changes in the design, or to modify and to create new contents, we will give a fit budget you to the changes that you wish to realise. In order to add new contents periodically, we recommended our maintenance service to you of webpages or ours packs of maintenance SEO.

Conditions of the promotion

  • Valid supplies until June of 2017.
  • Temporary and noncumulative supplies with others.
  • Prices without IVA, valid except for error.
  • Only valid for final clients.
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