Blog Self-managementable + Domain (1 year)

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Blog Self-managementable only 319 ‚¬

You will save 49‚¬ with this supply!

  • Self-managementable blog
  • Adaptation to movable devices and tablets
  • Domain + Hosting 1 year

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Design adapted Web to mobiles

To be in Internet is fundamental to arrive at a more and more demanding public and who demands a space Web where to be able to visualize the services and products of fast and comfortable form.

With the autogestionables blogs you will be able to have a website of economic form and to present of detailed form your company to arrive at a greater volume of users, or are of computer, mobile or tablet.

Our blogs tell on present and adapted designs your model of business. We represent of faithful form the values and objectives of your company.

The importance of a Web Self-managementable

The update of contents is one of the factors that more influence in the positioning SEO, so that maintaining a website updated and with the interesting news it will be able to manage to attract a greater volume of users.

It realises you yourself the updates of your website

Thanks to the management system you will be able to update you yourself the Web without needing resorting to a professional, saving time and costs of maintenance:

WordpressBlogger (or other CMS), reason why you will have much help and gratuitous videotutoriales in Internet.

If you need it, we offer formation exceeds how to add new contents to you or to modify the existing ones.

It publishes new features and warnings

You will be able to publish all type of the news, articles, content multimedia and any information that you consider excellent for your users of fast and simple form.

Without maintenance costs

The domain and lodging of the first year go including in the price of supply.

Later, you will only pay to the domain and lodging by only 69 ‚¬/year.

Your webpage will not generate monthly expenses to you of maintenance.

You yourself you will be able to extend and to modify the contents of your blog because he is self-managing. If you wish that we are in charge of that work, contract our maintenance service of webpages or ours packs of maintenance SEO.

Conditions of the promotion

  • Valid supplies until June 2017.
  • Temporary and noncumulative supplies with others.
  • Prices without IVA, valid except for error.
  • Only valid for final clients.
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