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  • SEO onPage initial Interval
  • Video SEO and publication in social networks
  • High in Google MyBusiness

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A good position of your website in Google will do to you visible

The majority of the internauts uses Google to find products and services as which you offer. In order to increase in visibility and that is simpler to find them you, you must invest in a good website and a right strategy SEO.

We are expert in positioning SEO

Our equipment has ample experience in positioning SEO, the work for your website will be realised by our expert economist in digital marketing.

Initial SEO OnPage versus SEO OffPage

To our clients we always offer a service to them of initial positioning, that will optimize your webpage to do it friendlier for the finders, that is to say, that it facilitates that Google, Bing and another correctly puedancatalogar your website in his index, suitably relates it to your services and the most habitual searches of the internauts, and he makes visible your potential clients.

Optionally, we offer packs of maintenance monthly SEO to harness the link building (SEO OffPage), and the update of contents.

We investigate the competition and the key words

We analyze the techniques of positioning used by your competitors, and discovered the tendencies search, and the key words that your potential clients use.

We optimize your webpages

We work on numerous aspects of content visible of your pages and the one that remains hidden to the visitors (but who see the finders), to harness the key words that we have determined in the previous analysis.

Quality SEO that avoids penalties

Some SEO without scruples utlizan technical prohibited (black hat SEO), that can offer faster results, but with a high risk of being penalized by Google, that could even expel to you completely from the finder.

In IvankaMajic we only used techniques SEO recommended by the finders (white hat SEO), so you can be calm: your page will gain positions in the searches without running no risk, and your investment will be out of danger.

Demonstrable successes of positioning

We have positioned on the front page to many of our clients with a very low cost. If the competition is very high, initial SEO OnPage will not be sufficient, and you will be able to contract one of ours packs of maintenance monthly SEO, that include contained creation again (new pages and videos), reviews in external Webs, publications in social networks (link building). The periodic work in these tasks is strengthening and gradually improving the obtained position.

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Conditions of the promotion

  • Valid supplies until June of 2017.
  • Temporary and noncumulative supplies with others.
  • Prices without IVA, valid except for error.
  • Only valid for final clients.
Positioning SEO