Store Online + Domain (1 year)

Supply Lies down Online

Store Online only 549 ‚¬

You will save 69‚¬ with this supply!

  • Store Online with customized design
  • Adaptation to movable devices and tablets
  • Domain + Hosting 1 year

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Your store online completely administrable car

Your store online created by IvankaMajic totally will be prepared to begin to sell from the first moment. We give of high your first 20 products, way professional and oriented to the positioning Web (SEO).

You will be able to manage your articles, to receive and to control the orders of your clients, to add photographies of your products, to change to his prices or existence, to create temporary discounts and promotions, to send and to print invoices, and thus up to 300 functionalities to your disposition, thanks to the PrestaShop system, the most implanted in all the muindo.

We taught to handle your store to you

The PrestaShop system is very simple to learn. We will facilitate means to you so that you can learn to manage your own store, including very illustrative videotutoriales, that you will be able to see when you want and where you want. And in addition we offer to you up to 6 hours of customized telephone formation.

Without maintenance costs

The domain and lodging of the first year go including in the price of supply.

Later, you will only pay to the domain and lodging by only 69 ‚¬/year.

Your webpage will not generate monthly expenses to you of maintenance.

You yourself you will be able to extend and to modify the contents of your store online because he is self-managementable. If you wish that we are in charge of that work, contract our maintenance service of stores Web.

Methods of payment

If contracts that service, we will form your store so that you can receive payments through PAYPAL and banking transference.

In addition, if you wish it, we were in charge of the complete implementation of the TPV only by 59 ‚¬, including all the corresponding tests. You will only have to order to contract it to you with your favourite bank.

We have much experience in mounting the TPV of RedSys, the most used by all type of banks and savings banks in Spain.

Professional graphical design

You will be able to choose the design of your website enters more than 2,000 groups. We will propose several to you so that selections the one that adapts more to your business. We will install your logo, we will change the colors, we will create images for a pass of enacting (if it is the case), banners, etc, so that your store has a professional aspect.

ECommerce grows annual 20%

With a growth in Spain of 20% annual sharp during many years, the electronic commerce is the only sector that grows crisis in the heat of.

It sells in all the country

By means of mail companies you can send your products to any point of Spain. It looks for clients beyond the scope of your locality. And why not to sell to other countries?

Although you do not have physical store, your store online will be always open.

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Conditions of the promotion

  • Valid supplies until June of 2017.
  • Temporary and noncumulative supplies with others.
  • Prices without IVA, valid except for error.
  • Only valid for final clients.
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