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  • Design of corporative webpages in Seville
  • Design of webpages in Seville
  • Customized design of Web in Seville

Design Corporative Webpage

Design of customized corporative webpage for company of fish frozen in Seville.

The design, fact in accordance with the content and of the specifications of the client is unique, realised in HTML5 with a code optimized for the positioning SEO and adapted all movable type of devices and tablet, which facilitates the usability and the access of all type of users.

Positioning SEO

Optimization of the webpage to manage a positioning quality SEO, being allowed therefore a greater visibility of the Web, to facilitate that the potential clients find it and, therefore, to obtain a greater volume of traffic.

Writing of Content

Writing of articles and the news optimized for the SEO and related to the sector, which allows to update the Web of periodic form, obtaining greater relevance in the web search engines and making the most attractive Web for the users.

In addition, by means of articles it is managed to position different key words, allowing to attract a greater volume of traffic and potential clients.