Why I need to make SEO?

Positioning SEO in Salamanca

All the entrepreneurs and businessmen know that they need a good website to obtain new clients for his companies. Nevertheless, some think that, to only have published his webpages in Internet, immediately they will receive piles of visits of internauts interested in his products or services.

It is not enough with being in Internet

The reality is less flattering: to have your webpage is as to have a book in an immense library. Certain, you are there, but next to tens of thousands of other volumes that compete with you in attracting the attention of the readers. It would be impossible to find a book if the library is not perfectly catalogued ordinate and, a task that must realise somebody.

In Internet, that task the finders realise it, between which, Google dominates the market in Spain of an almost absolute way (97%, according to some studies).

The position in which it appears your company when an internaut looks for a supplier as you, will depend on the score that Google assigns in your sector and your location to you. And if your website does not leave between the best one located, it will not receive as soon as visits of potentials new clients, and will only arrive those that already know your company and its direction Web.

Therefore, so that your portfolio of clients grows, you need to be positioned well in Google.

How work does a finder?

Google (and other finders) need €œto understand€ a webpage before being able to include it in the suitable place of their index, and in addition, to assign a correct position to him in the listing of results of each possible search.

But this task of indexing, classification and positioning is not carried out by human technicians, because the volume of information that publishes every day in Internet is so great that authentic armies would be needed qualified specialists to realise that work of form manual.

Therefore, Google trusts its sophisticated software and complexes algorithms to do the work. Those resources are not able to analyze each domain and each webpage since a human would do it, so they are dedicated to analyze hundreds of different parameters, to who we denominated €œpositioning factors€.

In what position it will be my Web in Google?

That is the question that to us many clients do. In fact, it is not possible to determine it accurately in advance, since many of the positioning factors are secret, and Google does not keep awake either which is the relative importance of which yes it recognizes to use.

Therefore, the professionals SEO we must base us on our own technical knowledge and practical experience, in addition to maintaining us to the day with the information that is contributing to the same Google and gurºs of the sector.

The positioning Web is a competition between different companies to place its pages highest possible in the ranking, reason why, realising the effort and the necessary investment, it is possible to be scaling positions, with the help of professional technicians SEO as those of IvankaMajic. As in a race of athletics or a soccer match, the obtained result will depend not only on our own work, without also than our competitors have done and are doing.

More information in the article: You will obtain top to Me 10 in Google.

How I improve my position in Google?


There it is where the SEO concept enters, that is the abbreviations of Optimization Search Engine that is to say, €œoptimization of web search engines€. Also call positioning Web, includes a series of oriented techniques to facilitate the task of indexing in Google and other finders, so that they catalogue our page in the geographic zone and adapted commercial sector more to our interests, and in addition, to convince to them that our website (and with it our company) are one of the best ones in its scope, and, therefore, deserve to be in the honor positions.

The Analysis SEO

The first that we must do, once certain objectives, are to realise a complete study of the tendencies search, the key words (keywords) that key the internauts when they look for products and services as which we want to offer, and what the competitors are doing who better are positioned.

With the result of this analysis we will establish the most suitable strategy based on the objectives and of the budget available.

Technical What use the SEO?

In order to be successful in the positioning Web, we needed to work on the known factors of positioning, making special emphasis in most important. The characteristics that we needed to harness can be divided in two sections: the internal SEO (SEO OnPage) and the external one (SEO OffPage). We will always work in both scopes considering the results obtained in the analysis SEO.

  • SEO OnPage talks about to the parameters based on the website of the company. Among them, the metadata, the volume and amount of the contents, the structure of code HTML, the speed of load of the pages (WPO), and many other factors that we can modify the computer science ones and the designers Web.
  • SEO OffPage, on the other hand, includes the actions that we must realise not in our own page, but in other pages of Internet. This includes the creation of connections directed to our page (link building), publications in social networks as Facebook and Google Plus, creation of videos in YouTube, Google My Business and others. For the finders, all of them are indicating of which our company is important in its scope, which serves to them as indications that it deserves a good position in the ranking.

In what phase of the project it is necessary to apply the SEO?

The SEO is not an investment that has immediate results. Ever since the different tasks from optimization are realised until Google improves our position can spend several weeks, so it is important to begin the sooner, so that this delay does not prevent us to reach the wished positions when it interests to us more.

Initial SEO OnPage

It is very important to realise the analysis SEO before creating the website, and applying his conclusions while they are mounted and publishing the pages. In this way, we will be saving working hours and reducing the terms to obtain results.
To apply a SEO to a website already created is possible, but it can force to us to realise profound changes in the structure of the programming, the file names, the optimization of images, and even the election of the adapted CMS more. Anyone of those tasks supposes a volume of working hours that could from the home have handicapped to have applied to the strategy SEO.

For that reason, in IvankaMajic we often offer supplies of packs of design Web more SEO, than they allow to optimize and to accelerate the work reducing the cost for our clients. We include the most excellent tasks of initial SEO OffPage to secure a good starting point.

Maintenance monthly SEO

To Google it likes the complete websites, by far contained and of quality, but also those that in addition are adding new contents of periodic form. It considers them more excellent, and, therefore, it improves its positioning Web SEO.
In addition, the publication of new products or services, the news of the sector or the own company, supplies and promotions, manuals of user, computer graphics and other contents will attract more consumers and they will allow you to extend the possibilities of selling your articles to them.

If the website has much competition in its sector and its geographic scope, the initial SEO will not be enough to obtain a good position, and will be necessary to continue investing in positioning of a continued form.

For those cases, IvankaMajic offers a series of packs of maintenance monthly SEO that include as much internal SEO as external SEO (OnPage + OffPage), with the intention of being gradually improving the obtained positions. A combination of creation of new contents and more connections from social blogs and networks will convince to Google that your website deserves a higher position in its finder.

With ours packs SEO, you do not have to worry don't mention it, we we were in charge of the writing and publication of articles oriented to SEO (copywriting), the social creation of advertising videos YouTube, networks and the link building.

He remembers that your competitors are investing in SEO, and for that reason they have reached better positions than yours. In order to supplant them, it is necessary to put itself to his height.

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