Positioning monthly SEO

Positioning monthly SEO

SEO Mensual

He increases to the visibility of your Web and the number of visitors

  • Improvement of the positioning Web in finders.
  • Optimization and analysis of the positioning SEO.
  • Monthly information on yield.

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When you do not reach the position wished in Google

You have completed your webpage, but it doesn't appear in the first results search? Thus it will be difficult to obtain visitors who can become clients.

You have several options: printed publicitymarketing onlineinitial SEO OnPage positioning, or some of ours packs of maintenance monthly SEO.

Each of them (basic, intermediate, advanced, advanced extra) includes a determined number of action of each type to improve the positioning of your websites.

In order to improve their effectiveness, a pack of monthly maintenance of SEO must be realised after a complete analysis SEO as which we developed with our service of initial SEO OnPage.

It gains prestige in the network

Ours packs offers a series to you of oriented activities to maintain fresh and updated your webpage (update of SEO OnPage), and to generate a series of incoming connections (link building) from external websites and social networks.

This combined strategy will obtain that Google sees you as a more important website, and is improving your position in the finder of lasting form.

Creation of new pages in your Web

We will write up new contents that we will be publishing in your website, so that it grows and it is seen by Google as more important. The addition and frequent renovation of contents are one of the fundamental parameters that Google considers to determine the quality of your website, and therefore, to assign one better position to you in the searches.

Reviews in external blogs

We will publish in our network of blogs short articles on your products, services and promotions, economic means to generate more visits and connections of thematic excellent that improve your positioning Web. You will not have to worry, we we were in charge to you don't mention it of everything.

Publications in social networks

The finders every time give more importance to the social networks. We already know that Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter€¦ are an ecosystem where the internauts spend long time, interacting with their contacts, and sharing with them those information of their interest. The facility to disclose the contents in these networks power the material distribution of on our products and services.

Every week we will publish several entrances in your social networks, that maintain active the presence of your company, and which they generate excellent connections to your webpages.

Pursuit and optimization SEO

By means of tools of analytical Web, we will study the statistics of visits of your page, to be redefining the strategy, and to determine what new contents agree to create, what key words to harness, and what action will be more useful to the benefit of your business.

Advertising videos YouTube

The video marketing every time is more important for the positioning Web. To the internauts the videos enchant to them, because they are magnificent an average one to transmit informative and commercial messages. To show to the images of your products or services with brief explanatory texts is a very efficient way to show how you can solve the needs of your clients.

In ours packs of average maintenance and superiors we included the creation of advertising videos of short length, ideals to show to a product or certain service.

We publish the videos in your own channel of YouTube and your Web, to improve the positioning to yaumentar the conversions of visitors in clients.

Building link

In all the previous tasks the creation of connections directed to your webpages is included, which acts one double as: it will attract visits to you and improve your positioning Web.

If competition is very high, will be necessary to create connections in websites that is reference in sector (link building of third parties), that entails a cost superior, but are much more effective the SEO and to attract traffic Web.

In any case, we used positioning techniques SEO white hat, that is to say, that never will be penalized by the finders.

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