Publicity on Facebook Ads

Publicity on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook Ads

It increases the visibility of your Web with publicity in Social Networks

  • Publicity segmented and fit to each type of client.
  • Payment only by the obtained clicks.
  • Measurement and constant pursuit of the results.

Why to publish my announcements on Facebook?

Facebook is the social network with greater volume of users of the world. With more 1,800 million active users every month anywhere in the world, supposes an indispensable platform to promociar any type name brand, product, service, event€¦

Segmentation of the hearing

One of main ventjas that offers Facebook with respect to other systems of pucblicidad of payment by click (PPC /CPC) is the facility that offers at the time of finding people.

Once defined a profile that reunites the essential caracter­sicas of the objective public, Facebook allows €œto choose€ the public whom will be your announcements based on demographic data, behaviors, location, information of contact, tastes, thematic, hours of the day€¦

Of this form, a greater repercussion of the publicity is obtained, since it will always be people who potentially are interested in which we offer.

Attractive formats of announcement

Another one of the attractive advantages and that Facebook as publicity platform offers is a great variety of attractive and flexible formats of announcement, that adapt to all the devices, whatever size and the speed of the connection.

In addition, as with the announcement format, Facebook offers payment systems to draw up budget flexible that adapt efficiently to the objectives of the campaign (investments, conversions, etc.).

To measure and to analyze the results

To measure and to analyze the results are fundamental to take to end a process of improvement and optimization of the announcements and the budget. Thanks to the measurement tools that offer Facebook, we will be able to have a clear perspective on the successful results and how to improve them to obtain more efficient announcements and an optimized budget more.