What type of Web I need for my company?

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When independent or a businessman considers to create his new website that represents to him in Internet and it allows to obtain new clients him, the doubts arise to him on if it needs a store online, a corporative Web, a blog or another system.

As it is logical, technical in air conditioning, cattle dealers or psychologists they do not have why to know the technical interioridades the webpages, no matter how much they have used Internet in his work and its personal life.

Therefore, an entrepreneur or manager of a company can need direction exceeds how he can secure better his objectives with one or the other strategy of presence in Internet.

With several questions we can be clarifying the decision:

You want to sell directly in Internet?

If what you wish is to sell your products or services in your webpage, without the need that your personnel takes part in the sale, you will need a store online. A store Web with its own virtual TPV will allow you to automate the sale process, from the pick up of the client, to the process of purchase and the payment with card.

By all means, the process of shipment of the product to the client (handling & shipping) runs of your part, but you will have an open virtual store 24 hours to the day, the 7 days of the week, throughout the year, receiving requested and payments directly in your bank account.

PrestaShop stores

IvankaMajic will install and form for your company the PrestaShop system, leader of the industry, that gives access you more than 300 functionalities, and is easily expandable and configurable with multitude of plugins that new possibilities add.

Totally self-managementable, with a small learning that we will facilitate to you you will be able to create new products, to modify them, to change its photos, to manage your stock, your orders, to generate invoices, to order the shipments to a company of mail, and much more.

Virtual TPV

If contracts with your bank a Terminal of virtual Point of sale, we will be in charge to install it and to form it, as well as to realise the tests that the footbridge of payments demands (RedSys or others) to verify that everything is perfectly preparation to begin to acquire your sales with debit or credit card.

Autogestionables webpages

If what you wish is to frequently renew the content of your webpage, you need a self-managing website. To update your page often is one of the factors more appreciated by Google, reason why your position in the finder (SEO) will improve substantially adding contained of quality and forms periodic.

With a blog self-managementable, you yourself you will be able to modify texts and images of your website and to add new pages, with surroundings of very friendly and flexible work. Although some changes (especially in the design and model-making of the pages) will require professional help, the daily tasks could be carried out by the personnel of your company thanks to some tutorial that we will provide to you.

On the other hand, if what you need is a customized programming, so that your website carries out specific tasks nonavailable in some standard CMS, we will create a programmed application to size to you Web, with which you will be able to show contents only the users authorized, and you yourself you will be able to add new publications, to raise to archives and any other function that you need.

WordPress blogs

We will be in charge to install your blog with the WordPress system, the most popular and complete CMS to create websites that can easily be renewed and be updated.

We will form your initial content, with the pages that you need, and will apply your corporative image so that your website is totally operative from the home.

Development of Applications Web

We will program the functionalities that your company, using authentication of users, data bases needs online, with access from mobile, desktop computers and tablet, without the high cost that supposes to create one app and the distrust of many users to install applications in his smartphones. In addition, you we can create a unique graphical design to differentiate to you from your competition.

Nonautogestionables websites

To many businessmen it is to them difficult to renew his website periodically, or because they do not have time (p.ej independent or micro-enterprises), because simply do not have personnel with computer science qualification, because they do not create new products or services that to announce, or because they prefer to concentrate in his business and of externalizar the text writing tasks (copywriting), search of suitable images and the publication in Internet of the new webpages.
In those cases, we can create for you a website not self-managementable and in addition, if you wish it, you can contract to us to a maintenance service Web or a positioning monthly SEO that includes the renovation of contents.

We will create a corporative Web to you with unique design and customized, so that you make clear to your visitors who your company is special, and in her we will include the functionalities that you need (pass slides, product merry-go-round, galleries of photos, etc€¦ And if you prefer to save more, we implemented our Web SME, the economic system to you to enjoy a Web adapted to mobiles and tablets, with a modern and effective design, and prepared for positioning SEO.

Web Corporative

In order to differentiate to you from your competitors, you need a unique image in Internet. You are not satisfied to seeming to you to million similar Webs, your company deserves much more. Our graphical designers will create for you a design unique Web, and our programmers will add the functionalities so that your Web offers one pleasing experience to your visitors.


If what you wish is to invest the possible minimum without losing quality, we recommended our Web to you SME. Oriented to the usability Web and the conversion of visitors in clients, and with a code of programming that we have optimized for the optimal yield in speed and positioning SEO, your website will have a common graphical design and the most important functionalities (to save costs). In spite of the low cost, you will enjoy the design responsive, adapted all type of navigation helps. All the quality to a very economic price.

Landing Pages

Sometimes you do not need to create a complete website, but to only announce a supply, newness, event or temporary warning. In that case, it is enough with an only page that carries out the same function that a bill of sale, that is to say, which the visitor calls to us by telephone, it fills in the contact form, a purchase is registered or carried out directly.

A Landing page (landing page) is designed of attractive form, with great graphical content, and is more similar to a commercial in a magazine that to a conventional webpage. Often a Landing Page is used as destiny of an announcement in Google AdWords or banners generally, since it optimizes the conversion of visitors in clients.

Web self-managementable or no?

You can learn more on if you need or not a Web self-managementable in our article from Salamanca RTV To the Day: how to choose a type of Web for your company?

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