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Design Corporative Webpage with Wordpress

Design of webpage self-managementable with the Wordpress system. Of this form the client has access to a panel of administration who allows him independently to modify the data and the content of the Web and without the necessity to resort to an external maintenance service. Thus, a greater agility is obtained, in addition to an important saving in the costs derived from maintenance Web.

Analysis and strategy of positioning SEO

Invetigaci³n and analysis SEO to determine the degree of competition, the key words adapted and the strategy SEO to follow efficiently to position the Web in the first positions of the web search engines.

In addition, the implementeaci³n of the strategy was realised SEO and the optimization of diverse excellent factors for the positioning SEO Web as the content, the images or the code among others.

Pack of positioning SEO

In order to ensure the success in the positioning SEO and to be able to reach some excellent positions in the ranking of searches, a pack of positioning SEO based on the creation and publication of contents optimized for the SEO was realised, in addition to videos and external liaisons.