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Many companies have been having a website created for years, and they have not updated nor the information that contains nor the graphical design, that it has changed much lately. Added to the prodigious advance of movable navigation, many webpages have been totally obsolete. A Web with rancid design, old fashioned information and that it is fatal in smartphones and tablets, cannot turn visitors into clients, and will give a terrible image of your business.


It updates the information of your Web

You only say who you are and what you do? You are showing to your new products and services in your webpages? You have a section of new features that has remained anchored in 2007? Is the phone number that appears no longer in your page of contact the one that you use at the moment?

Anyone of those errors is enough so that your Web is useless for your potential and present clients. Your visitors look for put information the day that serves to secure its objectives to them, that they are those that you must cover to turn them into clients.

Offer abundant information to them, of, and extended periodically quality, original (to copy and to beat of other sources), up-to-date, excellent nothing, and you will obtain that your visitors recognize your Web (and therefore your company) as a referring one of the sector.

It renews the graphical design of your Web

The image is fundamental in Internet, just as in the €œphysical world€. If your advertising graphical material is not visually attractive, hardly it will be able to project a positive image of your company. And your webpages are essential part of the showcase that samples to your possible clients.

The tendency is clear: Internet will be moving more and more to the paper and to the direct interaction and personal. The stores online are replacing the opened premises to the actual public. And long ago that nobody looks for companies in the yellow pages; now it is obligatory to be in Google, and in addition to be positioned thanks to a good work SEO well.

It is not enough with having a good office or lies down in a more or less centric street, because the consuming ones first look for in Internet before deciding where to make their purchases (ROPO).

And the first impression is most important. If your visitors do not perceive a modern design and that she transmits confidence to them, they will not take more than 3 or 4 seconds in pressing the button of back of its navigator, and visiting the Webs of your competitors.

Usability Web

A good design Web not only is an attractive image, because in addition it must reunite the functionalities that make of your site a useful place for their visitors, and its handling and navigation must have totally intuitive (usability Web).

With that denomination we talked about to those techniques that obtain that the visitors of your website feel as in their house, find the information quickly that wishes, they can be put comfortably in touch with you, and have a sensation of order, logic and clarity.

The structure of the blocks of content, the elements and positioning of the menus, the amount and quality of texts and images, the use of the spread conventions more, the adapted use of the movement and the animation, the disposition of the interactive elements, the calls to the action (call to action), and funnel of conversion, all this implemented by our expert technicians, trained in neuromarketingwill obtain that your website fulfills your objectives and those of your visitors.

Programming of quality

But not only it is essential to take care of what it is seen in the screen. The perception of your website that receives your visitors will also depend on which navigation is fast and fluid, to anybody it likes to be looking at an animated icon that it indicates to him that it must hope to see the information that it is looking for. A good speed and yield (WPO) not only are good for the usability, but Google considers it a symptom of quality of your website, and it awards to you improving your positioning Web.

When we redesigned pages Webs that fans and technicians little experienced have created, we found numerous errors of programming and concept that ballast their agility and effectiveness. For example, they fill the unnecessary blogs of plugins that slow down and obstruct navigation and only reduce the real utility of the websites.

The computer programmers of IvankaMajic we will optimize all the archives of your website, will reduce the weight of your images, will avoid unnecessary duplications, we will take advantage of cach©s, we will use only technologies standard, we will respect the good practices of the sector and will apply other techniques so that your Web not only is attractive and useful, but also fast.

Conversion of visitors in clients

In addition to having a website or as much designed at visual level as of functionalities and programming, it is essential that it obtains that your visitors are decided to acquire your services and products, or, at least, that is put in touch with you filling in your form of contact, by means of a telephone call, an e-mail or a visit to your facilities.

The conversion is the ultimate goal of your website, and all your strategy in Internet. If your website attracts visits, but nonclients, will not fulfill the needs of your company.

Design responsive, adapted to mobiles

More than half of the internauts it sails by Internet from his mobile phone. And that proportion continues increasing day to day. Spain is one of the countries with greater percentage of smartphones by inhabitant, he is leader in use of social networks, and grows to annual 20% in electronic commerce. Navigation from the sofa with a Tablet, or in the bus with smartphone is an increasing tendency, so for years it has not been being enough with having a website that has good aspect in a portable one or desktop computer of 15 inches.

How is a Web in a mobile phone?

If a webpage is not designed automatically to adapt to mobiles and tablets, it will be reduced automatically (with €œa negative€ zoom lens), so that it fits in the small screen of smartphone, making illegible his contents (too small letter to be read, very small photographies), and it will be impossible to press with the finger anyone of his menus and bellboys.

However, if the Web has programmed with design responsive, one will automatically adapt to any size of screen, showing in each device the contents that interests more, adapting perfectly the sizes of texts and images, and offering to each internaut a nice experience and that fulfils the usability criteria Web.

In addition, the design responsive is very well evaluated by Google, that from 2015 improves the positioning SEO of the websites that are perfectly in all the navigation helps, sinking in its searches to the webpages that are not adapted to mobiles and tablets.

You do not forget the positioning SEO

Since you have been verifying if you have read up to here, to be positioned in Google and other finders well depends much on a work of design quality Web (programming, optimization of archives, design responsive€¦).

But in addition, it is important to define the contents well, so that they agree and so they look for your possible clients, with his same words (keywords), which must determine by means of a complete analysis SEO that in addition discovers what your competitors, the historical and seasonal tendencies of searches are doing, and other important factors.

Once realised the analysis, it is necessary to harness in your website those key words, by means of a laborious process of implementation SEO in your webpages that considers the hundreds of factors that influence in the positioning.

In IvankaMajic we offer several types of packs SEO, initial as as much monthly, adapted at the different levels from competitors, and to the objectives and budgets of our clients.

Design economic Web

By what you think you can have a modern webpage, attractive and less than functional, totally prepared for it turns perfectly from mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, video game consoles and any other present or future navigation help, yet the content that you need to transmit your clients, optimized to apply the SEO who are able to improve your position in Google, and list to receive visits of promotional campaigns in Google AdWords or any other system of publicity online.

You are a consolidated company, an independent one or a new entrepreneur, we have the solution that better adjusts to your budget. It optimizes your investment with IvankaMajic.

With our design ready to use Web, we analyzed, we projected, we designed, we programmed, we completed and we published your new website with all the guarantees and professionalism that your company deserves. Customized with the graphical design, the contents and the functionalities that you need, so that your visitors have the best experience of navigation and they become your clients.

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