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Design Self-managing Web with Wordpress + Positioning SEO in Saragossa + System Reserves Online

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  • Design p¡ginasautogestionables Saragossa
  • Design Web self-managementable Saragossa
  • Design webpage self-managementable Saragossa
  • Design page self-managementable Saragossa
  • Design of Saragossa blog

Design Autoadministrable Webpage in Saragossa

Design of self-managing webpage for the Goralai restaurant in Saragossa by means of system of management of contents (CMS) Wordpress. For it a present design, attractive and visual was used, in agreement with the idea of the client, and perfectly adapted all movable type of devices and tablet.

In addition, with the idea of being able to make reserves from the Web, I am created a specific section to be able to manage the reserves through the Web, so that the client can realise his reserve of fast and simple form.

Positioning SEO in Saragossa

In order to optimize the Web facing the positioning SEO in Saragossa and to obtain an advantageous position in web search engines, the SEO was optimized onpage through metaetiquetas, titles, content, images, archives, etc.

Writing of Content

The Web includes a blog in that ideas are offered on kitchen, advice and another type of articles of interest for the users, increasing the quality of the Web and offering to the users useful information and of quality, obtaining so the page acquires major relevance facing the positioning SEO.