Google Adwords and Posicionamiento SEM

Google Adwords and SEM positioning

Google Adwords

It increases the volume of sales in your webpage

  • Publicity segmented and adapted each objective client.
  • Planning and creation of the campaign in Google Adwords.
  • Pursuit and optimization of the campaign.

It publishes your announcement in Google

Thanks to the system of publicity of Google Adwords you will be able to publish your announcements in the finder of Google at the moment that you wish.

Your clients will be able to see your announcement when they look for in Google products or services similar to which you offer.

And the best thing of everything: the advertiser only pays when the user makes clicc in the announcement to visit your website or realises a call from the announcement (CPC or PPC = payment by click).

Why to choose Google Adwords?

Google Adwords constitutes one of the most efficient forms of publicity online. With this system of publicity you will manage to attract more clients your website or lies down online. Thus, you will be able to increase your sales or that your clients call to you.

In addition, the segmentation system allows to contectar with your hearing of simple form. It directs your announcements to the objective public, or by means of a geographic, thematic segmentation or age; obtaining therefore a greater yield of your investment.

Payment only by the results

One of the most significant advantages of Google Adwords is that the advertiser only pays by the secured results, independent of the payment model that is chosen:

  • CPC: cost by click
  • CPM: cost by thousands of times that are their announcement
  • CPA: cost by acquisition (it buys) Affiliation.
  • CPL: cost by registry. Like, or other actions.
  • CPT: cost per time.
  • CPI: cost by influence.

Of this form, the advertiser will pay by the clicks that are realised in their announcement, that is to say, if there are no visits does not pay anything. You choose your budget, reason why the cost will depend than you want to obtain with your announcements and of the reach that you want to obtain. A CUSTOMIZED AND COMPLETELY ADAPTED BUDGET TO YOUR NEEDS.

Analysis and optimization

In addition, once created the publicity campaign, the system of management of the campaign will pick up all the data regarding the announcements. Of this form and by means of a continuous optimization of the announcements and its price, the price of the announcements is increased to the yield, reducing and increasing its impact between the users.