Video Animations Multimedia

Animations Salamanca Flash

Video Animations

Exclusive announcements with impressive animations.

  • It promotes your products with video to size animations.
  • Easy diffusion in youtube, social networks, email€¦
  • An attractive form to present your products and services.

Videos animated for companies

Its commercial, or its video promotional animation will be more impressive visually with the special effects of animation that we can program to him to size. We use technology Flash as tool to create video, and later we turned it to archives of video standard (avi, mp4), so that it can use it in the surroundings that it prefers, without compatibility problems:

  • for Web, YouTube€¦
  • for CD-ROM
  • in order to project

We have realised projects for all these surroundings, each of them with its needs and specific functions, prioritizing the quality of the images.

Its video animation multimedia will be compatible yet type of devices of access to Internet: portable tablet, desktop computers and, smartphones, smart TVs, video game console, etc. and in addition to will be able to project to maximum quality great Full HD in pantalals, guns projectors€¦

Use of the animations multimedia

  • publicity
  • formation
  • communications

Interactive applications

We can create spectacular interfaces to show the world your products or services.

Presentations Multimedia

In addition to the animated images, we can include locution, sound effects and compound music to size for your project.

In this way you will be able to project them in presentations, communications, congresses, fairs, showcases, or announcements in TV.

Publication in YouTube and other means

The videos realised by IvankaMajic are adapted to the exigencies of quality, resolution, bandwidth of each client. We can adapt the videos until resolutions Full HD (1920x1080 px) for his projection in televisions LED of great format or projection with tube, or to smaller resolutions for distribution in DVD, CD-ROM, USB memories - pendrives, YouTube, Vimeo, etc€¦

The publicity videos improve their positioning Web

To publish a video in your Web increases the time that passes in her the visitors, which Google considers a symptom of quality of your company.

To publish it in addition in YouTube also improves the positioning SEO, and facilitates that they also find you from the own finder of the social network YouTube.

You need a economic video?

If you prefer to save more, we can create videos YouTube announcements low COST. They will not have the level of sophistication and special effects of which it sees in this page, although yes will have cortinillas (transitions between screens), basic music and other aspects, and they will also serve to him to improve the positioning Web.