Video Marketing and Animations

Video marketing and publicity in video

Video Marketing

It increases to the traffic Web and the volume of potential clients

  • It increases the ratio of conversion with segmented videos.
  • A form simple to spread the content in social networks.
  • Improvement of the positioning SEO.

YouTube, Vimeo and other social networks

You know that a video increases to a 80% the percentage of conversi³n* of a webpage?

* Conversion talks about to that a visitor of his Web becomes client.

Viral marketing

You know the power the social networks to spread your advertising messages virally? The users are used to sharing with their contacts the contents that they like.

He improves the positioning SEO

The videos stimulate the user to spend more time in their Web, which eliminates the bounce and improves the dwell time, aspects that Google values positively at the time of positioning a website in its finder.

It increases to the sales with a video announcement

It is demonstrated that the visitors of a website pass more time seeing videos than reading the text of the page. If you want that your advertising message is caught by your potential clients, offer a suggestive and attractive video to them, with photos, movement, transitions (cortinillas) and basic music.

Video animations outposts Flash

If you wish videos with advanced special effects, animation 2D, locution, sound effects€¦ consults our page of video animations flash.