Design of Autoadministrables Webpages

Webs self-managing in Salamanca

Autoadministrables webpages

Systems of management of customized contents.

  • Programming and development of management system to size.
  • Systems of management of predefined contents: Wordpress and Blogger.
  • Management asked, clients, sales, budgets, contacts€¦

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The importance of a Web Self-managementable

Mant©n your fresh and interesting site

Once created your website, it will improve his position in finders, it will attract more visits and he will be more interesting for his potential clients if it extends and it updates his contents frequently. Your visitors will often return to verify the new features.

He realises you yourself the updates of your website

You can carry out these tasks your own personnel, by means of a blog or a Web self-managementable. In this way, operating expenseses and update will be ahorarr¡n.

  • Programming to size: (Corporative Web self-managementable) that allows to change certain contents of the website by means of simple forms, without needing learning to handle a CMS.

If you need it, we offer formation exceeds how to add new contents to you or to modify the existing ones.

It publishes new features and warnings

You yourself you will be able to publish the news that you wish to make arrive at your clients: new products or services, promotions, and any information that you consider.

It inserts content multimedia

It easily includes texts, images, videos and connections.