Design of Corporative Webs for Companies

Design of Corporative Webs

Web Corporative

Services for excellent companies

  • Unique and customized design.
  • Webpages adapted to all type of devices.
  • Optimization for search engine optimization.

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Webpages with customized design

Your clients and potentials clients will evaluate to you according to the image who you transmit in your website.

More and more consuming they look for information on products in Internet before making his decision from purchase (ROPO). Assure to you that you offer a quality webpage to them.

Unique graphical design

Your Web will have a unique design visual, that will create our graphical designers respecting your corporative image, and contributing all their talent to combine colors, forms and blocks of contents for the success of your webpages.

Efficient programming

Our computer science ones will program the code more optimized to secure the best yield of your Web, and the interactivity so that your visitors sail quickly by your easy Web and, acceding comfortably to the information that need. Always respecting the standards, the usability Web and the good practices of the sector.

Optimized for positioning Web SEO

Our equipment SEO takes part in the process to assure that the page well will be prepared to obtain the maximum yield of the campaigns SEO that we recommended to realise with the aim of securing more visits to you of possible clients (excellent traffic).

Unlike the webpages created with systems CMS as Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla or similars, our programming Web are optimized for SEO.

A Web adapted to your business

We design your webpage so that one adapts to your business and to show to all products and/or services of attractive form. It includes galleries of photos, catalogues, merry-go-round, animations and much more to make of your webpage a unique and attractive space where your clients can find what they look for of simple form.

Design responsive Web

We will create a webpage to you adapted to smartphones, and with a customized unique design. That will distinguish to you of its clients and will harness search engine optimization.

In addition, your website will have attractive visual effects, progressive animations and transitions, that transmit a modern and professional image, without falling in frivolities nor slowing down the speed of navigation.

You will easily have a professional website with guarantees and thanks to IvankaMajic.

It increases your visits

In addition, it will interest to you to harness your visibility through optimization for finders (SEO), campaigns of marketing online (SEM), creation of contents and constant attention to the image name brand (community management).