Design Web for Independent SMEs and

Design of Webs for independent SMEs and

Web SME/Independent

Low COST for independent SMEs and

  • The economic webpage
  • Webpages adapted to all type of devices.
  • Optimization for search engine optimization.

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Web adapted for Independent SMEs and

We denominate Web SME to a website with few pages (usually not more than 6, although sometimes, by an additional cost, we extended them to 8, 10 either even many the more).

This type of webpages is much more economic that one completes corporative Web, reason why is a good option to harness a range of products or services, or as complement geoposicionado to the main Web of the company.

Economy + Quality = Success

Our Web SME has become one of our products stars thanks to the investment in R+D that we have realised, programming we ourself all the code from zero to optimize the graphical design and Web with great attention to the usability Web, the optimization SEO, use of programming standards and good practices of the sector, which guarantees its high quality and yield.

So it has been the success of this service, that, although we conceived it for being economic a secondary Web, many companies with low budget use it as main Web thanks to their economic price and high quality.

Centered in a family of products or services

If your company wishes to especially publicize a part of its catalogue of articles or services, we offer a Web site to you where to extend information on this range, being obtained a rich website in excellent terms, which power the SEO of this keyword (keywords).

We connect the pages of Web SME to the main Web of your business, to harness your positioning Web by means of link techniques building.

Oriented to local markets

Another one of the applications of Web SME is to harness the SEO in certain geographic zones (provinces, capitals). Thus, we can improve the positioning of Web SME simultaneously and the SEO of the main Web of the company for searches related to these provinces.

Thus, we took advantage of the power that Google assigns to the local searches to the benefit of your business.

Design common to save costs

We reduce the sale price basing us on a unique design shared by all our Web SMEs.

Thus, when contracting to us this product, you enjoy a website of quality without having to size confront the payment of a unique graphical design and a programming Web.

Adapted Web to mobiles

We have progrmado our Web SME so that they are possible to be visited perfectly in all type of present or future devices (tablet, desktop computers, portable, mobile phone, smart TVs, video game console€¦), with any size of screen.

Thanks to the design responsive, your clients will not have to make zoom lens to see your webpages, and they will be either will automatically hide the suitable contents to him the more, according to its size of screen.

Also it will be able to call only with touching to your phone number in the screen of his smartphone to you, with total comfort.

Optional extension of functions

If you wish special functionalities as galleries of photos, merry-go-rounds, forms of customized contact or order, or other characteristic outposts, we recommended our corporative Webs to you, with unique design in accordance with your company.

Characteristics of the service

The website will be customized for its company with its logo, photographies, colors and corporative image.

The website contains up to 6 webpages by the price bases, including the main page (carried), the page of contact with a form, the one of location with interactive map (Google Maps), the description of the company (Who we are), and 2 pages to describe to products and/or services that offers.

It is possible to voluntarily increase the number of pages with an additional cost by page.

The model-making (blocks of content and their positioning in screen) is predefined, and it is possible to be modified under budget.

If you wish to modify by same you the contents of your website, we recommended our autogestionables blogs to you.

To add an advertising video

Often we included an advertising video to increase the percentage of conversions and to harness plus the positioning Web.