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Paranoid population

Has anyone heard those new ads on the radio? “How can you tell the difference between someone just hanging about and a terrorist casing a place?” (Ok, so I am paraphrasing a little here but that is the gist of it!) I don’t like it. Is creating a paranoid population really the best use of […]

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It ain’t just about usability

These days I work in a User Research department. Ah, user research, I hear you say, that’s about usability! Well, yes, but that isn’t all it is. Here is a post from Leisa at Disambiguity in which she illustrates very clearly the way I see things. Creating something that people will use is a little […]

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What’s in a name?

One of my favourite Seth Godin posts is a very old one about the branding of Global Warming. To summarise: Global sounds nice, Warming also sounds nice. What if it were called Atmospheric Cancer or Pollution Death? So, on that note: Reuse, reduce, recycle!

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Chinese company beats everyone else!

Apparently Apple came last and Lenovo came first (replacing Nokia) on a Green Peace list of companies who are nice to the environment. Apple are quick to state that on a different list they come higher. I say well done Lenovo! Apple, we can all try harder, don’t be all tit for tat, it’s the […]

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Stalking 2.0 – Should we go private or public?

I think we can safely say that I am quite comfortable with the interweb. For me it really is a utility without which I complain. So, I don’t think it comes as a terrible surprise that I am often taken aback by people’s concerns about using something like flickr. “I don’t want pictures of my […]

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